Blast Tehnik is one of the leading companies in the field of surface treatment in Southeastern Europe, based in Slovenia.
For over fifteen years we have been partners with the most important national and global clients providing expert and vital services for safe, clean and quality production.
Our mission is providing service in the fields of: pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, automotive, aviation, military and other industries. Our key guiding principles are professionalism, efficiency, responsibility, reliability and environmental protection.
In addition to the development and technical competences for surface treatment, we have also developed a strong consulting activity, which is crucial to fulfilling our mission. Company activities also include installation and service of sandblasting equipment (authorized repairer of FerroEcoBlast sandblasting equipment), rental and sale of blasting equipment and sandblasting media.
Development and growth

Development and growth

It has been an intense fifteen years of development and change for Blast Tehnik, which grew out of FerroČrtalič company. During this period the needs on the market were constantly changing due to technological advancements, which required us to develop new methods. Those methods ensure smooth, quality, safe and clean production for our clients.


  • Department at company FerroČrtalič
  • Dry ice cleaning in industry


  • Spin off J Blast 
  • Repaire service of sandblasting equipment


  • Installation of pharmaceutical process equipment 


  • Establishment of company Blast Tehnik d.o.o.
  • Sandblasting in pharmaceutical industry


  • Serial sandblasting in military industry


  • Serial blasting in car industry 


  • Serijsko peskanje medicinska industrija
  • Avtomatizirana peskalna linija za avtomobilsko industrijo


  • Series blasting of composite construction 


  • Serial shot peening for automotive industry 


  • Automatic blasting line for aerospace industry 
  • Start of shoot peening of key components of a passenger aircraft A 320 for Airbus


  • Laser cleaning for chemical industry


  • Opening of the additional business unit and wharehouse on 3.000m2 in Dobova


  • Start of robotic sandblasting for nuclear power industry with incooperation with Westinghouse
  • Obtaining quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015


  • Start of Automatic Robotized Line for Sandblasting and for Metallization