At the company, we are aware that successful business in an increasingly competitive and constantly changing business world depends only on professionally trained, creative and motivated employees who are always ready for new challenges.

The knowledge, skills, experience and creativity of employees co-create our competitive advantage and represent our development potential. The company currently has 20 employees, of which 5 are certified sandblasting experts, 10 are experts in field sandblasting and 4 are certified dry ice cleaning experts. Depending on the needs, we can form up to 8 independent teams to perform services in the field or in the premises of Blast Tehnik d.o.o..

Through the projects we carry out, our employees constantly contribute to the development of the profession, and at the same time we are engaged in many activities outside the company, either in scientific research, preparation of technical specifications, instructions and guidelines, development of technologies and system solutions.

We cooperate with the Jožef Stefan Institute and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, we are also actively involved in the work of various business, professional and civil associations that strive for the development of the profession.

Job vacancies

No jobs are currently available.


Our capacities allow us to sandblast large objects, such as vehicles, structures, monuments, and smaller objects of all materials and types.

Sandblasting chambers

  • Inox Stainless steel blasting chamber used for sandblasting big parts
  • Black chamber used for sandblasting iron structures
  • Chamber for sensitive materials used for Aerospace and Detence industry, for sandblasting oldtimers, boats ...
  • Chamber for wooden materials
  • Automatic sandblasting chamber used for serial sandblasting
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Sandblasting cabinets

  • Inox booth used for stainless steel sandblasting
  • Booth for Aluminum used for fine sandblasting of aluminum pieces, like car rims, car engine
  • Booth for Plastic used for sandblasting of plastic pieces (puffing, roughing)
  • Tool booth used for blasting tools for plastic injection, roughing, and engraving
  • Booth for Wood used for sandblasting wood, restoration or artificial aging of wood
  • Shot-peening booth used for shot-peening technology
  • Orbital Automatic booth 
  • In line flow cabin  used for longer flat pieces 
  • Rossler Automatic sandblasting booth used for serial sandblasting of smaller pieces
  • Automatic sandblasting booth  used for shot peening of smaller shafts, springs, valves  
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Metallization chambers

  • Chamber for manual metallization 
  • Automatic Robotic chamber for metallization 
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CNC cutting machine

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Sandblasting equipment

  • 15 field blasting units
  • 4 devices for soda cleaning
  • 6 filter separations systems
  • 1 stationary robotic cell for automatic blasting
  • 1 automatic flow blasting system for serial blasting
  • 6 automatic blasting units for blasting inside of the pipe

Dry ice cleaning equipment

  • 12 devices for dry ice cleaning
  • 3 devices for dry snow cleaning
  • 1 device for making dry ice
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  • 4 diesel compressors
  • 3 elektric compressors

Research and testing laboratory

It is crucial for the development of new surface treatment procedures and various tests for clients. We offer various blasting media, special blasting equipment, surface roughness testers, air velocity and temperature gauges, and devices for measuring application thicknesses. At the same time, the laboratory also serves for the education and training of our employees.