Case studies

Cleaning of cooling fins on CNC machines

Cleaning of 13 units of heat exchangers (heaters) in a tool shop and cleaning of cooling fins on CNC machines for metal processing; use of dry snow cleaning technology.

Cleaning welding tools with dry snow

Cleaning of five sets of complex welding tools for use in the automotive industry. Thoroughly cleaned of all grease, scale, heat-resistant traps, soot and impurities with dry ice.

Dry ice pool cleaning

Cleaning and descaling with impurities in the pool where the turbine cooling water (10m3) is stored with dry ice.

Cleaning the ventilation system

Cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation system (632m long), robotic cleaning of the ducts with continuous suction and filtration (HEPA filters), recording of the condition of the inside of the ducts before and after the cleaning.

Sandblasting of an extruder cylinder with soda

Removal of paint and plastic residues by the soda blasting process. The chrome-plated surface of the extrusion rollers remains undamaged.

Sandblasting with soda

Removal of impurities from the chrome-plated surface of the roller for making plastic floor coverings, sandblasting with soda, keeping the chrome-plated surface intact.

Sandblasting Ferarri 330 GTO with soda

Sandblasting of an old-fashioned Ferarri 330 GTO with soda - removal of paint and filling layers (putty) from the entire body and body parts.

Sandblasting in toolmaking

Surface treatment of a new plastic injection tool, ensuring adequate roughness (Rz / Ra measurements) and surface evenness by sandblasting. Replacement of the etching process.