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Sandblasting in toolmaking

Surface treatment of a new plastic injection tool, ensuring adequate roughness (Rz / Ra measurements) and surface evenness by sandblasting. Replacement of the etching process.

Sandblasting tools for the automotive industry.

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Sandblasting of floor markings

Turbine sandblasting of epoxy floor markings (5-layer coating) in a mechanical workshop for cars, vans and trucks. Use of a dedicated blasting machine for floor blasting and continuous suction and filtration of air - without dusting into the surroundings.

Sandblasting of stainless steel equipment

Sandblasting of fence segments made of stainless material (2x200m) in a dedicated sandblasting chamber with ceramic balls and field sandblasting of welds after installation of fences on the building.

Renovation of the tablet-making device

A comprehensive renovation of an older tablet-making device.