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Sandblasting with soda

Removal of impurities from the chrome-plated surface of the roller for making plastic floor coverings, sandblasting with soda, keeping the chrome-plated surface intact.

Sandblasting of the cylinder for the production of floor coverings.

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Climate restoration

Disassembly from the building, disassembly of the air conditioner, sandblasting and painting of housings, replacement of worn vital parts, balancing of the rotor, assembly and installation and test start-up.

Sandblasting of filter housings

External and internal blasting of stainless steel filter housings in a dedicated blasting chamber. Sandblasting of welds and the entire surface to achieve a uniform - aesthetic appearance.

Sandblasting on ski slopes

The blasting of the cableway installations took place in two parts. Partly in the blasting chamber and partly in the field.