Case studies

Sandblasting of an extruder cylinder with soda

Removal of paint and plastic residues by the soda blasting process. The chrome-plated surface of the extrusion rollers remains undamaged.

Sandblasting of stainless steel equipment

Sandblasting of fence segments made of stainless material (2x200m) in a dedicated sandblasting chamber with ceramic balls and field sandblasting of welds after installation of fences on the building.

Sandblasting of filter housings

External and internal blasting of stainless steel filter housings in a dedicated blasting chamber. Sandblasting of welds and the entire surface to achieve a uniform - aesthetic appearance.

Climate restoration

Disassembly from the building, disassembly of the air conditioner, sandblasting and painting of housings, replacement of worn vital parts, balancing of the rotor, assembly and installation and test start-up.

Rehabilitation of a holiday facility after a fire

Post-fire remediation by dry ice cleaning process. Thoroughly cleaned soot, burns, impurities and unpleasant odors from 200m2 of surfaces.

Sandblasting of floor markings

Turbine sandblasting of epoxy floor markings (5-layer coating) in a mechanical workshop for cars, vans and trucks. Use of a dedicated blasting machine for floor blasting and continuous suction and filtration of air - without dusting into the surroundings.

Renovation of the tablet-making device

A comprehensive renovation of an older tablet-making device.