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Automatic sandblasting at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant

1 February 2021

The most important manufacturer and administrator of nuclear power plants in the world, the American company Westinghouse, has realized us as a reliable partner of mobile automatic sandblasting at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant.

According to the demanding standards that apply in the nuclear industry, in 2019 we excellently sanded the inside of 100 meters of pipelines with a diameter of 1 meter. At the moment, intensive preparations are underway for the 2021 overhaul, where we will repeat the procedure on the rest of the pipeline.

Based on past experience of working in the most demanding industries, we also perform sandblasting of pipelines in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and pipelines in hydroelectric and thermal power plants at home and abroad.

We provide our clients with a top-quality implementation of the entire service with purpose-developed machines and our own laboratory for the development and testing of surface treatments.

We would like to thank the Westinghouse Electric Company and the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, who recognized us as a professional partner and once again entrusted us with a demanding task.

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