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Cleaning of heat exchangers with dry snow

Heated production facilities, yet your employees are still cold? The principle reason for inefficient heating is the persistent dirt that accumulates on the heating honeycombs, thus limiting the flow of air through the heater.

An example of an industrial environment with a high presence of impurities which burden the heating system.

Fan heaters or heat exchangers are a good solution for space heating in areas such as industrial halls, craft workshops or warehouses. However, to maintain their optimum functions throughout the heating seasons, they should be cleaned at least every 3 years.

Cleaning a completely clogged heater honeycomb. Comparison: before cleaning (left) and after cleaning (right).



Cleaning heater honeycomb with dry snow is very important, as it significantly contributes to the better utilization of thermal energy. This also enables safe working conditions, as the layers of impurities on the heating elements can present a potential fire hazard.

The main advantages of cleaning fan heaters with dry snow, over other technologies are:

  • No need to disassemble heat exchangers / fan heaters.
  • The process is non-abrasive and therefore does not damage the heating ribs.
  • There is no secondary waste (water, chemical cleaners), does not cause additional dirt in the building, on the equipment or in production.
  • Does not interfere with your production process.
Cleaning fan heaters fan at the location of the client.


Cleaning fan heaters / heat exchangers with dry snow is carried out at the location of the client, using devices that turn dry ice into dry snow during their operation. The difference between dry ice and dry snow lies in the sheer size of the medium. Dry ice in the form of pellets and granulation from 1.7 to 3 mm, is used to clean the most stubborn dirt residues. But for cleaningmore demanding  and sensitive surfaces, dry ice pellets are grind into snow-sized grains with granulation 0.2 to 1.6 mm. In our case, this allows us to clean deep into heater honeycomb.

Schematic illustration of cleaning system for cleaning heat exchanger with dry snow.



In addition to heaters, we also effectively clean the most sensitive elements, such as:

  • All types of heat exchangers
  • Cooling systems for compressor stations
  • Heating units with fans - "heaters"
  • Cooling towers
  • Heating coils, radiators
Cleaned fan heater with certificate.




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