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CNC automatic blasting chamber

1 February 2020

Suitable for all types of industries.

We rent out a modern and high-performance CNC blasting system for:

  • Abrasive serial blasting (preparation for further processing-painting, gluing,…) or final processing to achieve decorative effects
  • Non-abrasive serial blasting (for processing sensitive products or their parts, where the material must not be "stripped" or otherwise damaged during processing. Blast Tehnik CNC system is suitable for all types of tools and moulds, machined castings, ...
  • Shot peening processing with intention of improving the mechanical properties of your products (shafts, gears, springs, turbine parts, safety components, ...). Read more about shot peening technology (LINK)

Suitable for all types of industries.

Basic system features:

  • 4-axis CNC processing with possibility of upgrade.
  • Workpiece dimensions: 3,000 × 2,500 × 2,000 mm.
  • Pressure blasting principle.
  • Possibility of using many granules (treated steel wire, glass, ceramic and steel balls, electrocorundum, soda,…).

Blast Tehnik provides a complete service:

  • Setting up and running a system with performance optimization for the needs of your products.
  • Employee education.
  • Maintenance of the system with 24-hour service response.
  • Favourable supply of blasting granules.
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