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Immidiate and effective post-fire restoration

20 August 2020

Immediate and effective restoration of fire damage is of utmost importance for the rapid and resumed production and operation of service facilities.

This is particularly important in the field of industry, where long-term restoration and classic cleaning processes represent a prolonged downtime and consequently a loss of long-standing customers and income.

With a 24-hour responsiveness and competence of working in the field, the Blast Tehnik team provides effective cleaning of the fire damage on:

  • Industrial equipment (hardware, electrical circuits, electrical equipment, etc.) and
  • Industrial building (plaster, walls, windows, metal structures, etc.).
Basement restoration post fire



For the restoration of the surface we use dry ice cleaning technique, which is in comparison to classical cleaning methods non-invasive, more efficient and environmentally friendly technique . It allows us to restore, without unnecessarily replacement of the still secure structural elements and with that additional costs.

Kitchen restoration post fire


Benefits of sandblasting or dry ice fires:

  • Eco-friendly solution - a completely dry and safe process without water, chemicals and toxic sewage.
  • Shorter overall repair time compared to conventional cleaning methods.
  • Less disruption and cost.
  • Thorough restoration, that also provides access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Effective cleaning/restoration of sensitive/hazardous areas: electrical and plumbing installation.
  • Cleared surfaces and structures are suitable for immediate use or application of decor (paint).
  • Removes the unpleasant smell of fire smoke.
Seats restoration


Therefore, if you are dealing with the effects of a fire, contact us at info@blasttehnik.com for a professional and economical cleaning service.

We also offer fire restoration:

  • Industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Buildings under monumental protection.
  • Residential houses, farm buildings.
  • Manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Cleaning is done in accordance with the highest industry standards and confirmed with our 5-year warranty for dry restoration.

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