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Professional ergonomic mobile lifts for clean premises

7 September 2020

Blast Tehnik supplied two mobile lifts for application in clean environments for a renowned customer in the pharmaceutical industry. The lifts are flexible equipment, customised to the specific needs of the customer (custom made).

The grippers of the mobile lifts are customised to the customer's needs for lifting foil rolls of different weights and dimensions. The AISI304/316L stainless material was used in the production of mobile trolleys. As experts in sandblasting, we ensured the required roughness of the surface (Ra<1.6µm).

Both trolleys were modelled for easy cleaning and maintenance, given their use in clean environments. This means that in addition to the required materials, a special lifting, controlling, and manoeuvring system was used to prevent dirt from adhering, and to enable easy cleaning. Maintenance and cleaning of the mobile lifts follows the mandatory standards for use in clean environments in the pharmaceutical industries.

The users’ comments also testify to the easy and user-friendly device control, commending the exceptional responsiveness, easy operation and general use, and the efficiency of both mobile lifts.
In addition to the abovementioned custom-made lifts supplied to the customer, we can also provide other customisations based on your requirements and needs. The lifts can be designed for and installed in the EX environments, and grippers can be customised for different operations and applications. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can enable the mobile lifts to be used for lifting different loads (foils, tools, barrels, containers, pallets, processing tools...).

A version of the mobile lift with different grippers is also possible. This allows one lift to be used for several different tasks. It provides an option of quick and simple tool switching on the spot.
If you have a question or need a lifting and moving solution yourself, please contact us using the contact details below. We look forward to reviewing your problem and offering you the best possible solution.

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