Automatic sandblasting at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant
1 February 2021

The most important manufacturer and administrator of nuclear power plants in the world, the American company Westinghouse, has realized us as a reliable partner of mobile automatic sandblasting at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant.

Automated sandblasting line for profile and pipe sandblasting
23 September 2020

This is an extremely sophisticated, precise, and automatically controlled sandblasting device for ALU and INOX pipes and profiles.

Professional ergonomic mobile lifts for clean premises
7 September 2020

Blast Tehnik supplied two mobile lifts for application in clean environments for a renowned customer in the pharmaceutical industry. The lifts are flexible equipment, customised to the specific needs of the customer (custom made).

We have innovated a high-performance separator for reusable blasting media
1 September 2020

Blast Tehnik developed and innovated a brand-new high-performance separator for reusable blasting media. It is used in manual or robotised blasting chambers.

Immidiate and effective post-fire restoration
20 August 2020

Immediate and effective restoration of fire damage is of utmost importance for the rapid and resumed production and operation of service facilities.

CNC automatic blasting chamber
1 February 2020

Suitable for all types of industries.

Cleaning of heat exchangers with dry snow

Heated production facilities, yet your employees are still cold? The principle reason for inefficient heating is the persistent dirt that accumulates on the heating honeycombs, thus limiting the flow of air through the heater.

Cleaning of electronic components with dry snow

The failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for electronic components that are not part of the planned preventative maintenance program.