Blasting chambers

Blasting chambers are suitable for blasting workpieces of larger dimensions, weights, and complex shapes. They enable the concurrent processing of several elements, reducing the required time and production costs. The chambers ensure clean surfaces, and are suitable for use in the most demanding environments.

Blasting chambers are very efficient, since the blasting medium is collected at the bottom of the chamber, where it can be recycled. Furthermore, a minimal dusting is ensured in the chambers.

The chambers meet all European standards and safety norms.

Blasting cabins

Blasting cabins are excellent for blasting smaller and medium-sized items. They are made of durable materials. With long and durable gloves for the protection of the operator, any part of the cabin can be accessed. The entry doors ensure easy insertion of items. Visibility inside the cabin is excellent. The cabins ensure lower noise and minimal dusting.

They meet all European standards and safety norms.

Spare parts

As an agent for many renowned brands, Blast Tehnik provides the best availability of spare parts for different blasting machines, and the support of expert and trained sales personnel.

Quality spare parts and their long-life span is important for preventing delays and malfunction, preserving production capacity and reducing the frequency of servicing.

Our warehouse is well supplied with quality spare parts, ensuring a high level of safety.

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