What is laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning technology is a superb cleaning technology using a short impulse laser light as the processing medium. As the laser beam hits the surface, the dirt layer and any oxides beneath, absorb the energy and evaporate or get squeezed out of the grounding without residues. The grounding (metal) does not absorb the energy, so the laser cleaning does not cause damage.

Laser is a short impulse, meaning the laser beam is comparable with little light charges, shooting with a frequency of approximately 200,000 impulses/second!

Laser cleaning advantages

  • No blasting media required, just electricity,
  • no damage caused to the groundwork in the process,
  • extremely high surface cleaning levels possible,
  • easy integration in the production lines and automated production processes,
  • no chemical/toxic waste,
  • spot cleaning possible,
  • low noise level, no dust 
  • stable workflow,
  • low working costs,
  • reduced susceptibility to corrosion after cleaning.

Laser removal of oxidation from welds.

Application in the aviation industry

  • Paint removal,
  • surface preparation,
  • contamination removal,
  • mould cleaning,
  • laser flacking of key construction components (ventilators and compressor cutters, landing gear, props...).

Laser cleaning usage case studies

See the case studies by clicking on the individual images.

Laser cleaning method vs. other methods

The laser cleaning method, with its specific characteristics, is a environmentally friendly solution.

Cleaning Method Abrazivi Secondary Waste Environmentally Responsible Toxic Electrically Conductive
Dry Ice Cleaning NO NO YES NO NO
Sandblasting YES YES NO * NO
Shot Peening YES YES YES * NO
Laser cleaning NO NO YES * YES
Preasure Washing NO YES NO * YES
Solvents/Chemicals NO YES NO YES N/A
Hand Tools YES NO N/A N/A N/A
* Classic materials absorb impurities, when used to clean hazardous materials and items. These materials are then separated as toxic waste, requiring a special and safe removal. Being aware of the importance of protecting our environment, we have committed to the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.
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