Shot peening technology

This is a cold surface treatment of metals with round-shaped media, under precisely set and metered processing conditions in chambers or directly on the workpiece.

When the medium hits the workpiece, it functions like a micro hammer, making small dents. With a large number of hits, the dents level out. A layer of compression tension is thus created on the surface, practically cancelling out the possibility of the workpiece structure breaking.  Another term for surface hardening is shot peening, since the process resembles peening.

Shot peening technology

Possible applications

Surface hardening is used for parts exposed to high dynamic stress, which are key for operation safety:

  • Aircraft wing components
  • Turbine blades
  • Motor shafts
  • Connecting rods and bearings
  • Various types of springs
  • Safety elements


  • By hardening surfaces, the resistance to dynamic stress increases.
  • A 1000x longer life can be achieved.

Shot peening

Basic rules of shot peening

  • Repeatability of the whole process
  • Defined work procedures and methods
  • Predefined results
  • Archiving the documentation and samples

Cases of mechanical characteristics improvement

  • Less chance of micro cracks occurring
  • Removal of undesired surface tension (such as after the CNC processing)
  • Better surface hardness of the items
  • Filling the surface pores
  • Improved lubricating characteristics of the items (gears...)
3D display of the surface treated by surface hardening (micro forging) and depth and intensity of treatment.


Shot peening compression

Controlled treatment intensity

  • Selection of the processing medium granulation,
  • material type of the processing medium (steel, stainless steel - inox, ceramics, glass...),
  • setting the speed and flow of the processing medium,
  • duration of the processing cycle.

shot peening

Control of the treatment intensity

  • Use of dedicated test strips: the so-called Almen rounds,
  • Different types of Almen rounds (N, A, and C type), depending on the purpose or intensity,
  • Metering the arc height of the rounds with a dedicated meter - the “Almen meter”,
  • The test round mount,
  • Software for drawing the saturation curve.

shot peening

Control of the treatment coverage

  • Shot peening (microforging) dedicated scanners,
  • Fluorescent control liquid (liquid + dust),
  • “Peening” markers,
  • UV light,
  • Mechanical macro-lenses.

Shot peening usage case studies

See shot peening case studies by clicking on the individual images.

Shot peening method vs. other methods

The shot peening method, with its specific characteristics, is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Cleaning Method Abrazivi Secondary Waste Environmentally Responsible Toxic Electrically Conductive
Dry Ice Cleaning NO NO YES NO NO
Sandblasting YES YES NO * NO
Shot Peening YES YES YES * NO
Laser cleaning NO NO YES * YES
Preasure Washing NO YES NO * YES
Solvents/Chemicals NO YES NO YES N/A
Hand Tools YES NO N/A N/A N/A
* Classic materials absorb impurities, when used to clean hazardous materials and items. These materials are then separated as toxic waste, requiring a special and safe removal. Being aware of the importance of protecting our environment, we have committed to the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.
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